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Red mist

I think this is what Tilly sees when I leave her room. She cries like she knows the world is actually going to be hit by a meteorite the size of the sun and no one will take her seriously. She is angry. And cross. And frustrated. I never have been one for controlled crying. [...]

Bye bye baby

There are so many last times in parenting.  Being a Mummy is all about getting to the next stage, moving past the sleepless nights, moving off bottles/breast, moving off mush the list is endless. Today I was shopping in Sainsburys, it was one of the huge ones with clothes.  I needed to get the girls [...]


One of the things that used to annoy me as a child was the way my parents spelt words out to each other.  Once I was old enough to know what the words were I would quickly work it out and tell them I understood. I was slightly foxed when my mum and dad were [...]

Hello, nice to meet you.

Thank you for coming, thank you for reading as I empty out the contents of my head.  I’m very grateful to you for being kind enough to listen and maybe even comment.  I appreciate it.  I really do.  I never knew how much I’d come to rely on this place to keep me sane, keep [...]

Parenting 101: have no expectations

My friend Lisa said on Friday night: “You know I’ve just learnt to have absolutely NO expectations [of my children] anymore” It was said in jest, but I reckon she has a really good point.  No matter how much effort you go to to make it the perfect day or the perfect moment, nothing sinks [...]

Great British Holiday: part 1

Crabbing, shell seeking, burying Daddy.  Where else but on a Great British holiday can you do all those things in a day (ok a couple of days)?  We had glorious weather today, but actually it doesn’t matter either way.   I would share the pictures, but I think I’m rather lucky to have worked out [...]

Set the controls for the heart of the sun

I have a vision of my life in a few years.  Getting there will be a bumpy ride but I’m pretty sure if I make it it will be worth it. From my current vantage point it may seem as unlikely as travelling to the heart of the sun as the Pink Floyd song title [...]

Children’s party etiquette?

This post was inevitable from the moment I started blogging. It’s time to say the immortal words. In my day…. So here goes, in my day birthday parties normally happened at someone’s house, with a magic man (always a bit suspect), or a Punch and Judy show (highly politically incorrect) and a few games; pass [...]

Me: The Gallery

This is me.  It’s on display today as part of Tara Cain’s Gallery.  It was taken when my toddler was about 10 months and I was pregnant with the Baby. The rest of the pictures in this series show Eliza with me, but this was just me bathed in the love and pure joy of motherhood [...]

What does being a Mum mean to me?

Always a bit tricky this one, what with not actually having a mother.  So when I saw that Lola’s Mum was having a Mother’s Day carnival to celebrate being a mum it seemed like a nice idea.  What does being a Mum mean to me? 1. Never getting a full night’s sleep (now they’re small [...]