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Please deliver me from the whining….

For some it is nails screeching down a blackboard, for others it is breaking up polystyrene, some people can’t stand the sound of Mariah Carey wailing away like a strangled chicken (actually that includes me), but by far my most nerve-shredding, please-remove-me-from-this-ungodly-sound-or-i-will-self-harm noise is…whining. My daughters’ whining to be precise. Particularly when it’s mixed with [...]

Blog gems, favourite post: things not to do with small children around

Here’s one from November last year.  It’s a classic Mummy’s Life post in my opinion.  The usual multi-tasking rubbish parenting stuff. Go and check out other’s blog gems at The King and I Try and dye your own hair. Here’s why. – you will realise that one or other of the children have taken the [...]


So today I was off work again.  Feeling poorly and sorry for myself.   Mummy was hibernating under the duvet again and parenting was being devolved to the very capable Nanny.  Not a hint of guilt in sight.  Not even a blog post expounding my failings as a mother, just a day off.   But [...]

A day in this mummy’s life

Just a day like any other. Toddler wakes up, jumps on me, demands milk, off we trot downstairs.  I’m getting her milk, the baby’s still asleep.  The toddler is playing in the living room or the hall.  An average day in Mrs Mummy’s life. We head back upstairs, cuddle up under the duvet and watch [...]