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I have reached a new low

Sometimes I try and remember what sort of Mummy I thought  I’d be before Eliza was even a twinkle in her dad’s eye. I think I had an idea I wouldn’t stand for any crap, I’d be firm but fair. I’d do lots of arts and crafts with them and we’d play silly games in [...]

I have an idea! (Would love your thoughts..)

Lately, well since I got my iphone (which as you know I am marginally obsessed with), I have been taking quite a bit of film.  Just little clips of my girls, family life, things I see that I find interesting, beautiful, enchanting, funny.  To date I haven’t used much on my blog, but I plan [...]

This could be the last post….

There are many things that my daughter copies.  She has to put ‘cweeem’ on her face in the morning (I cunningly sub my moisturiser for her diprobase after the doc told me off for letting her use my creams), she has to use an old blusher brush to “put her make up on” with me, [...]

Why Bonnie still rocks my world

I have been tagged by the lovely Mummy Unlimited on a favourite song meme. I need to choose a song that has a special memory attached (rather than just my favourite song). I clarify this because this song is certainly not my favourite, I am a child of the 80′s but mostly that’s where my [...]