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A Short Break


We decided at the last minute to get away. We all needed a short break, some time together away from the stress of normal life. And let’s be honest away from the freezing weather. We are very lucky. So far so good. The girls are relaxing (a bit), I am too, I can feel my [...]

Being a Grown Up

I’m a reasonably well-adjusted person, I have my issues (don’t we all?) but by and large I’m fairly balanced.  Actually that depends entirely on who you ask.  If you asked my husband he’d probably smile politely and change the subject, if you asked my best friend she’d probably say something like “well relatively speaking yes [...]

Growing Together or Anger Management

There are times in my life when I really do have to dig very deep to remember that I am in fact an adult,  I’m an adult and I don’t stamp my feet, I don’t shout and scream, I don’t throw wobblers, I don’t slam doors and I don’t speak to people I love in [...]

Peas in a Pod

My girls are friends.  Ok they fight like Mabel and the local fox sometimes, but mostly they are pals. Currently their favourite game is wheelbarrow races (Tilly’s the wheelbarrow of course).  I like nothing more than eavesdropping on their conversations like a mummy-spy, listening to Eliza tell Tilly how to do something or more often [...]

Coming Home

A few things happened over the last few days. 1. I went on my much longed for ‘meet in the middle’ break with my best friend Jonathan.  We went to Dubai for 3 days (he lives in Singapore), it was approximately 5000 degrees in the shade and walking to the pool was so tiring I [...]

Can Wishes Come True?

Just lately Tilly thinks 5.30am is a great time to get up.  5.30am is the new black, it’s rock ‘n roll, it’s the thing all the cool 3 year olds are doing this month.  She jumps out of bed and comes smiling into my room, her crazy baby-not-quite-little-girl hair forms a halo around her beautiful [...]

Inspire a Generation

I think when the PR people came up with that slogan they were thinking of children, the next generation. I expect the Olympics has genuinely inspired many many children, it’s even inspired mine and they are pretty small, but it’s also inspired me. Not just to try and run a bit faster, although certainly the [...]

Is technology making you a better mum?

I ask because according to a press release from McCann Truth Central 67% of us think it does.  The study published last week says that 40% of online mums write a blog and that these blogs are fundamental to the Mum Economy where knowledge and expertise have become vital currency.  Clearly we are uber powerful. [...]

Just another morning

I was sailing on a wooden boat, well not exactly sailing, more lying down with the sun on my face and listening to the gentle lapping of the waves. Against the boat. It was very peaceful. For a while. But then the bubble burst. “Mummy is it morning?” “No darling. It’s still nighttime, go back [...]


I was on the train home from work one day last week, feeling tired as usual (do I ever feel any other way? God I’m boring), I’d had a busy day and one that felt harder work for the desperately impractical shoes I was wearing.  They are rather high with rather thin heels and have [...]