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Birthday Party – top tips for staying sane

Hard to believe my little Tilly is 3 now.  It’s fair to say her language and vocabulary has developed at a faster pace than her hair. She has gorgeous wispy fairy hair. White blonde. Not a thing like me at all. But she can talk the hind legs of Mabel. She chats away about the [...]

Where is everyone?

These were Tilly’s first words this morning when she woke up. It’s a reasonable question given that when she went to bed yesterday the remnants of her party guests were still milling about. And what a little party girl she was. Despite spending rather a lot of time in her new Wendy House (or Windy [...]

Holy cow we did it. THE birthday party

So the night before last  him indoors and I had this sort of discusssion: Him: “So how many children are coming?” Me: “Well, about 15 or so..” Him: “Or so? Right so about 20 then.” Me:   “No, 15 it’ll be fine.” Him:  ”Holly, you did of course count parents too when you were thinking [...]

Children’s party etiquette?

This post was inevitable from the moment I started blogging. It’s time to say the immortal words. In my day…. So here goes, in my day birthday parties normally happened at someone’s house, with a magic man (always a bit suspect), or a Punch and Judy show (highly politically incorrect) and a few games; pass [...]