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I’m a finalist in the Gurgles!

Blogging’s a funny thing really. You put your life out there for anyone to read (if indeed anyone actually does, I’m still not so sure it’s not just my Dad and best friend), you share your warts and all stories of parenting on the ‘frontline’. You expose your inner-most insecurities, hopes and fears (well within [...]

One year on..

So it was actually a few days ago but I missed it in my oh so busy life. I have had this blog for a year. A whole bloody year. So drum roll please some of my blog related highlights have been: Getting my pretty makeover, my girls immortalised in illustration. Lovely. Feeling inspired to [...]

Why do I blog?

Why do I blog? Is it because I want to share the ups and downs of mummy life? Or maybe because I need a place to offload after toddler tantrums? Is it because its preferable to banging my head against a brick wall when absolutely NO OTHER HUMAN BEING IN THE WHOLE SODDING WORLD is listening [...]

So tell me Cybermummy, will mummy bloggers take over the world?

Will Mummy bloggers take over the world?  Are they just riding a zeitgeist that will fade out? Will anyone ever write anything new about being a mum?  Can they solve the catastrophic debt problem we are in?  Does anyone actually care? Just some of the questions I heard today.  And I don’t know the answers (although [...]

A beautiful nights sleep

Well I’ll be damned.  Both my girls SLEPT ALL NIGHT last night.  Yes they really did!  I put it down to the lovely people who sent a rather ‘end of tether’ Mrs Mummys Life their virtual support and wise words last night.  So thankyou Julie B from The Sardine Tin , Mummy Bear from She was not at all Domestic, [...]

“Blog Junk”, a poem

I had a thought not long agoI’d finally get on and writeNothing special, just about our livesKeep it nice and light So I started a blog to record it allI discovered some others tooI found networks, and gimmicks, memes, awardsSuddenly there was alot to do I got some readers, lord only knows whyBut it made [...]