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Guide to Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

Pretty much how I felt trying to migrate from Blogger from Wordpress

I recently migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Despite many blog posts I read that professed the ease of this process it wasn’t actually particularly easy. So I decided to write this post, a simple guide to migrating from blogger to wordpress for people like me. People who blog and want it to look [...]

Sunday Share: ChocOrangeCityMum

Ok so here’s the thing.  There are many millions of ‘memes’ and I can’t keep up with all the lovely sharing that goes on.  So I had intended today to try and tell you about a few blogs that I like. But the thing is there are many of them and the list changes regularly. [...]

First day

So today was Eliza’s first day at pre-school.  Anyone who knows me on Twitter knows that I was just the teensiest bit nervous about this. Actually I was quite a lot nervous about it.  But we were both fine.  She was a bit ‘up and down’ according to her key worker, but she settled down [...]

Blog Content Wanted.

Good evening all, I hope you are well and enjoying this  ’Back to School’ time.  I love that term, it’s a combination of necessity and marketing wrapped up in its own little season. So anyway here’s the thing.  I have hit the blog wall.  That great big brick thing that has risen up and obstructed [...]

Blog Idol: part 2

When I first started this blog I wrote a post called ‘Time for Blog Idol?‘.  The basic premise being competitive blogging, league tables, how-to-beat-yourself-up-and-feel-shit, soul searching and ultimately a great big fat “Read me please!!!” sort of vibe to it. Interesting. As it turns out this type of thing is cyclical in the parent blogging [...]

Fireman Sam rocks.

My daughter is obsessed with Fireman Sam.  And Elvis, Station Officer Steele (or Circle as she calls him, no I don’t know why either, I don’t speak Toddler very well), Penny, Naughty Norman Price and Mandy and all the rest of them in Pontypandy.  If she was a blogger, he’d be her number one keyword.  [...]


So today I was off work again.  Feeling poorly and sorry for myself.   Mummy was hibernating under the duvet again and parenting was being devolved to the very capable Nanny.  Not a hint of guilt in sight.  Not even a blog post expounding my failings as a mother, just a day off.   But [...]