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Guide to Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

Pretty much how I felt trying to migrate from Blogger from Wordpress

I recently migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Despite many blog posts I read that professed the ease of this process it wasn’t actually particularly easy. So I decided to write this post, a simple guide to migrating from blogger to wordpress for people like me. People who blog and want it to look [...]

Blog makeover

Hello, I’m still here, but I just had a bit of a blog makeover.  Like it? I’ve been blogging now for 2 years (my name is Holly and I’m a blogaholic) and I decided that I would update myself a bit and the girls too.  Why not?  Life’s changed a bit for me and I [...]

I’m a finalist in the Gurgles!

Blogging’s a funny thing really. You put your life out there for anyone to read (if indeed anyone actually does, I’m still not so sure it’s not just my Dad and best friend), you share your warts and all stories of parenting on the ‘frontline’. You expose your inner-most insecurities, hopes and fears (well within [...]

Blog friends in real life

What a difference a year makes.  After last year’s Cybermummy I felt rather strange. The experience was interesting and I think I learnt something, certainly it was what kicked me up the arse to write my novel, but there was something missing for me. Something I couldn’t put my finger on. It was all just [...]

Commenting and present giving

First of all I have to say having read Northmummy’s post this morning I had an attack of Comment Guilt. Not content with all the other guilt in my life (working mum guilt, rubbish wife guilt, crap daughter guilt, lousy sister guilt, absent friend guilt) I now have Coment Guilt to add. You see I [...]

One year on..

So it was actually a few days ago but I missed it in my oh so busy life. I have had this blog for a year. A whole bloody year. So drum roll please some of my blog related highlights have been: Getting my pretty makeover, my girls immortalised in illustration. Lovely. Feeling inspired to [...]

Just saying..

Every now and then I take a look at the Tots 100 Index of parent bloggers to see if I’ve ever made it back in there after changing my domain.  I never have done. I mention this only because it shows me how much my whole blogging priorities have changed.  This would really have bothered [...]

The new rule of blogging: Common Courtesy.

There’s a lot of talk in the blogosphere about how  influential bloggers are.  This has been stoked by PR companies, brands and of course bloggers themselves.  The post that did the rounds yesterday, which incidentally I wrote about here (you can follow the links to the original) seems to be testament to that fact.  In [...]

Blog bullies and other animals

I read a post on the brilliantly concieved Blognonymous recently about cyber-bullying.  The person wrote eloquently about how she had been subject to this insidious and very carefully thought out type of bullying.  To bully someone on their blog and online must take effort; the time it takes to keep a  blog going and comment on [...]

Statistic anxiety and my very best (girl) friends

OK own up – who was it?  Who ‘unfollowed’ my blog?  Actually hang on a minute, this is a bit pointless since it’s unlikely you’re reading.  Oh well, what the heck. No I’m fine, not offended IN ANY WAY.  Completely fine with it.  Statistics mean NOTHING to me.  I am taking The Moiderer’s advice.  Who [...]