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Free speech

It’s a funny thing isn’t it this blogging game.  You can talk about parenting, you can talk about being a wife and mother and talk about your children and your failings and struggles.  It’s a great medium to offload the contents of your head and a wonderful way to see you aren’t alone in your [...]

A dose of Mum Flu

Today I have taken a breather.  My husband has been at home and I have been hibernating trying to thrash out this mum flu that has finally felled me.  Today I am not a mummy, I am a child who wants looking after. As a mother I don’t get the ‘opportunity’ to be ill very [...]

Hello, nice to meet you.

Thank you for coming, thank you for reading as I empty out the contents of my head.  I’m very grateful to you for being kind enough to listen and maybe even comment.  I appreciate it.  I really do.  I never knew how much I’d come to rely on this place to keep me sane, keep [...]