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Parenting 101: have no expectations

My friend Lisa said on Friday night: “You know I’ve just learnt to have absolutely NO expectations [of my children] anymore” It was said in jest, but I reckon she has a really good point.  No matter how much effort you go to to make it the perfect day or the perfect moment, nothing sinks [...]

My daughter the marketing genius

Toddlers are wonderful little bundles of excitement and enthusiasm aren’t they?  My little girl jumps out of bed at 6.11 on the dot (when her Gro Clock turns to orange sun, I am moving it back a minute a day) and runs in to my room, jumps on the bed (well me actually) which is a [...]

Olives for breakfast? My aren’t we sophisticated

She has ‘horridge’ every morning. With me. I get to eat lovely creamy porridge made with full fat milk and brown sugar because I HAVE to eat what she eats or she won’t eat it. Reasonable. So there I was pouring in the oats, she was mixing her own paste in a bowl, all happy. [...]