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How to breast feed in public

It’s a while since I breastfed but when I did one of my abiding memories of feeding whilst out and about was trying to cover my modesty whilst simultaneously holding a conversation with someone and getting the baby to latch on. I remember flashing at people on several occasions.  The problem I had was also [...]

Sexy back? Got up and left more like (reponse to Kathryn Blundell article)

I just read this on the BBC and good lord alive just had to get my two penneth in. I am completely, utterly, 100% supportive of any woman’s choice when it comes to being pregnant (glass of wine, no glass of wine, piece of soft chese, no piece of soft cheese), having the baby (epidural, [...]

In search of my inner feminist

Last night I saw an article via Twitter that really piqued my interest.  Is Modern Motherhood Opressive? on a website called Gender Across Borders.  It’s an article written in response to Elisabeth Batinder, French feminist, who voiced her views in The Guardian recently. Her general premise is that women today are subject to many restrictions [...]

How would you rate your maternity ward experience?

As I’ve said before this blog is not generally used as my soapbox (because writing about myself is just so much more fun), but today I felt compelled to respond to this article in the Daily Mail about the state of maternity wards (yes I’m embarrased to admit I read it, but hey we all have our [...]

Breast might not be best?

Nothing like a bit of controversy of a morning. The news today about new research suggesting that actually formula fed babies are not any worse off than breast fed ones has touched a nerve I’ve tried to put behind me for about 7 months. If only Professor Sven had done his research then maybe I [...]