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Nature or nurture or dried pasta?

When I was little I would sneak into the larder and look around for something to snack on. Then, like now, I’d snack on things then say I wasn’t hungry at meal times. Funnily enough I have little or no empathy for my daughters now when they tell me that.  I have transmogrified into a [...]

I have reached a new low

Sometimes I try and remember what sort of Mummy I thought  I’d be before Eliza was even a twinkle in her dad’s eye. I think I had an idea I wouldn’t stand for any crap, I’d be firm but fair. I’d do lots of arts and crafts with them and we’d play silly games in [...]

The Mads post (and how to wash a toddler’s hair).

OK, this was inevitable really wasn’t it.  Voting closes on Sunday, so clearly I’m putting in a last ditch attempt to gain your vote in The Mads for Best Looking Blog.   I don’t feel too bad about shameless canvassing since I didn’t actually create the illustration on my header or put together the template background, [...]