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Blog friends in real life

What a difference a year makes.  After last year’s Cybermummy I felt rather strange. The experience was interesting and I think I learnt something, certainly it was what kicked me up the arse to write my novel, but there was something missing for me. Something I couldn’t put my finger on. It was all just [...]

Cyberfriends & Cybermummy (s)

I have been blogging since December 2009 and in that time many things have happened to me. But the thing I couldn’t have forseen is the friendships I have made in cyberspace. I might once have thought that was a rather sad admission to make. Surely internet friendships are the preserve of geeks and saddos [...]

What is happiness?

Jen at the brilliant Autism, the King and I kindly gave me the Happiness Award. This has made me think about what happiness means to me.   I mean real, warmth welling up inside you happiness.  The type that makes you so glad to be alive you can’t believe you ever had a day where [...]