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Kate’s Plastic Smile Is Beaming Bright

Duchess of Cambridge starting to show

Poor Kate, no sooner is she out of hospital for her extreme morning sickness, and home from her recovery trip to Mustique than she’s being ripped apart by Hilary Mantel in the London Review of Books. I suppose being such a public figure she should expect a degree of bullying in a public forum, it [...]

Free speech

It’s a funny thing isn’t it this blogging game.  You can talk about parenting, you can talk about being a wife and mother and talk about your children and your failings and struggles.  It’s a great medium to offload the contents of your head and a wonderful way to see you aren’t alone in your [...]

Jennifer and Billie; more odd celebrity behaviour

Oh dear.  Another day another celebrity doing naughty things. Daily Mail photograph of Billie Piper Just what was Billie Piper thinking eh?  Much as I hate to give credence to a story in the Daily Mail and much as I’m loathe to preach about parenting, let’s face it I’m hardly mother of the year, even I [...]