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Lately a lot of things, actually a lot of people are ‘scary’ to Eliza and therefore it naturally follows that they are to Tilly too (not sure she really knows why but her big sister sets dictates they are so that’s that).  It’s been a bit of a challenge recently since friend’s will come over [...]


I’ve had a few days at home this week whilst I have been settling in a new childcarer. It’s been challenging in parts (isn’t it always when you must learn to trust someone new to look after the most precious things in the world), but it’s been wonderful to spend more time with my girls. [...]

Help, I’m giving up

I seem to recall potty training Eliza was reasonably simple.  It took about a month all in and then a few accidents occurred.  But she got it pretty quickly.  She was about 2 and 2 months I think, but I can’t be sure.  The same can not be said of her little sister.  Just getting [...]