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What I’ve Learnt about Choosing Childcare

Baby Tilly

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages but have never quite felt ready, but now I do. I have two children aged 3 (nearly 4) and 5. They are about 18 months apart which means that whenever one has grown out of a phase (crawling, potty training, fussy eating, night waking – actually [...]

From Childcare to Mummy Porn in one post

One of the recurring themes of this blog is my guilt at being a working mother, my angst at finding the right carer for my children and my general crapness at being their mother.  It’s a fascinating read. Honest. Of course with all this moaning about guilt and angst and crapness it’s easy to get [...]


Lately a lot of things, actually a lot of people are ‘scary’ to Eliza and therefore it naturally follows that they are to Tilly too (not sure she really knows why but her big sister sets dictates they are so that’s that).  It’s been a bit of a challenge recently since friend’s will come over [...]

Childcare dilemmas

I am just a normal working mother, with my own healthy share of unhealthy mother guilt, strange behaviour (probably not for public consumption), I can be slightly delusional (Don Draper’s real right?) and I have a slightly obsessive love of dry shampoo. Most of my problems I create for myself, my middle toe is currently [...]


I’ve had a few days at home this week whilst I have been settling in a new childcarer. It’s been challenging in parts (isn’t it always when you must learn to trust someone new to look after the most precious things in the world), but it’s been wonderful to spend more time with my girls. [...]

My working mother rant

I love working, I love my job and I love my colleagues.  Right, now anyone who I work with that’s all you need to know. For everyone else – here’s the truth… Working is definitely good for my mind and my soul.  It gives me validation beyond that of being a wife, a mother, chief cook and [...]

In search of my inner feminist

Last night I saw an article via Twitter that really piqued my interest.  Is Modern Motherhood Opressive? on a website called Gender Across Borders.  It’s an article written in response to Elisabeth Batinder, French feminist, who voiced her views in The Guardian recently. Her general premise is that women today are subject to many restrictions [...]

Credit and debit childcare

Before I start this, let me say I think my husband is one of the Good Guys. He has just helped bath the girls and even put the toddler to bed tonight so frankly I can’t really complain; but today’s events (and many many other weekends like this one) have led to ask this question: [...]