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Why I love being nude

Continuing with my theme from the last post,  I bought a gorgeous pair of shoes this week. So if you were expecting me to start talking about how I love to get my kit off then sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place (although I can’t imagine anyone who reads this blog is expecting that [...]

Nature or nurture or dried pasta?

When I was little I would sneak into the larder and look around for something to snack on. Then, like now, I’d snack on things then say I wasn’t hungry at meal times. Funnily enough I have little or no empathy for my daughters now when they tell me that.  I have transmogrified into a [...]

Getting stuck

Ever got stuck in a loo? I have. On a couple of occasions. Once when I was about Eliza’s age I got stuck in my Granny’s loo. My memories of it are blurry but I recall blind panic, my mother shouting at me through the door with fear in her voice and this grey metal [...]

If I stop I might fall over

As a small child I had an old red tricyle. It was the best thing in my little world and I’d pretend it was my car as I rode around the garden and up the drive. I’d lean down hard on one side for dramatic turns then panic and centre myself quickly. My sisters had [...]

The Eternal Optimist

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, a Friday, I’d just got home from school.  My Dad was in the courtyard pottering about with something, probably a bike or his sailing boat.  He was often home on Friday’s, taking the extremely sensible decision to cut his working week in London.  I never before realised what a [...]

The Birthday Blog

Hello all, sorry for short absence, I was recovering from a rather wonderfully hectic weekend.  All to celebrate my beautiful baby’s birthday.  I can’t quite believe she’s one.  She’s not really, strictly speaking a baby anymore, but since she’s not walking yet I’m going to continue calling her that. The toddler was very excited because [...]

Memories of my mother

I have written a post about my mother in summer over on Holly’s Hobby today, in response to Josie’s brilliant writing workshop. While I thinking about my mother, I received an email from a PR company about Ponds Cold Cream.  Apparantly Kylie uses it.  She’s ditched botox and now swears by this little jar of stuff that [...]

Children’s party etiquette?

This post was inevitable from the moment I started blogging. It’s time to say the immortal words. In my day…. So here goes, in my day birthday parties normally happened at someone’s house, with a magic man (always a bit suspect), or a Punch and Judy show (highly politically incorrect) and a few games; pass [...]

Sunshine is good for the soul & Little Film Club prompts

Happy Monday all! My what a beautiful weekend we had. For a couple of days there we were in Summer. It was glorious wasn’t it? Him indoors was even moved to mow the lawn (but only because the Masters coverage didn’t start till the evening). The smell of a freshly mown lawn is such an [...]