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The Mummy Reward Chart

A summery t shirt with silk hem

In which Eliza & Mummy both get reward charts

Play dates

We've all had Veruca Salt moments

Play dates. There’s a word I never heard before 2008. In my day you went to play at a friend’s house, but now it has it’s own ‘brand’. There are two types of play dates that I have experienced, the one where the mums comes too and the one where you drop your child off [...]

The perfect storm

The last two weeks have been a perfect storm. An au pair who shouldn’t be looking after a hamster let alone children has been the root cause of many other problems, the type of things that are normally surmountable but somehow seem unrelenting and deeply stressful. My children are the most important people in my [...]


I was on the train home from work one day last week, feeling tired as usual (do I ever feel any other way? God I’m boring), I’d had a busy day and one that felt harder work for the desperately impractical shoes I was wearing.  They are rather high with rather thin heels and have [...]

Mini breakthroughs

So this week we were on holiday in Cornwall, which was very lovely, if a little too short.  Holidays are always too short though aren’t they? Several rather brilliant things happened as far as my little girls are concerned. 1. They both learnt to swim, albeit with armbands. They were so confident in the water [...]

The logic of a tantrum

Today was  a Good Day.  I was off work and had a very nice day with the children, although much of it involved carting Eliza off to nursery and then ballet. Tilly and I hung out a bit and she helped me put the washing out in the way only a one and half year [...]

The art of taking turns

So as anyone with a child over the age of 1 will know, turn taking is a very important art to learn. It will ultimately make one’s life better, easier and more fulfilling.  If you are Eliza then taking turns will lead to stars on the chart and ultimately treats of the chocolate variety.  Taking [...]

Sibling rivalry

This weekend as you will know, if you read the reward chart debacle yesterday, I have been mostly trying to work out how to relate to my eldest daughter. I am very happy to report that this afternoon when Miss Tilly was having a nap, Eliza and I played for a few hours (she had [...]

Parenting 101: have no expectations

My friend Lisa said on Friday night: “You know I’ve just learnt to have absolutely NO expectations [of my children] anymore” It was said in jest, but I reckon she has a really good point.  No matter how much effort you go to to make it the perfect day or the perfect moment, nothing sinks [...]