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Half term and other stuff


Half term is always a bit of juggle with work and wanting to spend time with the girls. I’m always half looking at my email and half making sure Tilly isn’t getting herself lost. Well that was in the days when I had official ‘days off’. Now I don’t really have those. Being your own [...]

Listening Ears

Have you ever had to ask someone the same question five times and they still fail to answer you, or have you had to ask someone to do a simple task seven times and yet till it seems to wash over them? Yes? Then you will know what we are going through right now with [...]

A little bit is lost

There are some things you do each and every day with your children that you know will end at some point but that’s just it, it’s at ‘some point’. It’s not defined or clearly mapped out. You can’t plan for it. And so one day you find yourself reading a bedtime story to your eldest [...]

My Very Evil Mother…


I never fail to learn new things from my children. Their world is a wonderful adventure, new things every day. It’s easy to forget that school at that age was exciting. So it was with delight but some surprise when Eliza said to me earlier: “My very evil mother just sits under newspaper.” “What on [...]

The Alternative Gro Clock Review


Several years ago I bought a Gro Clock for Eliza, she was waking up too damn early for my liking and I’d tried everything. Finally this clock worked. The Sun came up at the time I had set to be ‘morning’ and she came trotting in to our room. Genius. For about a week. Until [...]

Random conversations at bedtime

i love you mummy

Every now and then I just want to remember something the girls have said. This is one such time. I cycled up the hill this evening in the freezing cold, with hands like blocks of ice after having left my gloves at home this morning. I was on the later train after too much faffing [...]

Birthday Girl

My eldest girl

My eldest daughter was six today. I’m sure every parent says this with every passing year but there’s something about six, she’s past the first five years and that feels like a milestone. When I had her I used to think about how she’d be when she was six, a proper little girl, at school, [...]

Their Musical Education

Before I had children music was a very big part of my life; I had two very big influencers as far as my music taste was concerned. My stepfather had an enormous record collection, which moved in when he did and from then on I was educated in the likes of Neil Young, Eric Clapton, [...]

Growing up: In Which The Stabilisers Come Off

There are a few moments in my children’s development to date that have brought tears to my eyes: sleeping crawling, walking, starting school, being headbutted by Tilly (bless her). And there have been many proud moments, too many to list here, but they will all be documented in this here blog (as that’s the point [...]

How to Use Car Seats Correctly

carseat infographic

Remember when we were kids and we used to get thrown in the back of the car without a seatbelt let alone a car seat? I remember it well. Hanging on to the passenger seat in front of me and trapping my mum’s hair under my fingers. She loved it I’m sure. In fact my [...]