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The Village Fair

It’s been a really rather busy week. Work is really kicking off, I was in Paris on Thursday and Friday (which is not as glamorous as it sounds), and I was supposed to be doing a 1/2 marathon tomorrow so I have tried to squeeze in a couple of runs but I only managed one [...]

Growing Up

My haven't you grown!

I know all parents say it, you hear it all the time and before you had children you would think it was obvious and why did everyone make such a big deal of it. It’s the observation that your children are growing up so fast. Because they are. Sometimes I just sit and look through [...]

What I’ve Learnt about Choosing Childcare

Baby Tilly

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages but have never quite felt ready, but now I do. I have two children aged 3 (nearly 4) and 5. They are about 18 months apart which means that whenever one has grown out of a phase (crawling, potty training, fussy eating, night waking – actually [...]

The Mummy Reward Chart

A summery t shirt with silk hem

In which Eliza & Mummy both get reward charts

Watch your Language

Don’t you just love the fascinating 3′s? EVERYTHING is exciting to a 3 year old and their take on the world is expressed in their burgeoning grasp of language. Tilly is a very good talker, she can talk for hours about anything you care to name, and she adds her own unique spin on it [...]

Little Rivals

So sibling rivalry. Anyone know anything about this? Anyone got any handy tips that actually work?  Obviously it’s going to happen and obviously as a mother to two little girls who are 18 months apart I had expected it. But sometimes I simply don’t know what to do. It’s yet another part of being a [...]

Milk monsters

I have had a sneaking suspicion for a while that milk is actually evil. It’s holier than thou, whiter than white image is just a front for what is a highly addictive substance. Yes it may have calcium and yes it may be good for babies and little people and actually I couldn’t have my [...]

The Fabulous Toucan Box

I’m not normally one to encourage getting the glue and glitter out, actually the mere mention of the word glitter sends my pulse racing and glue is just well, sticky. But I can sort of live with it as long as paint doesn’t become involved too. Once paint joins the party the gloves are well [...]

A Guide to Staying Sane whilst Potty Training

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity (hi Dad) will know that potty training Tilly has been a rather long drawn out process.  So it is with some considerable joy that I can tell you we are finally there.  This house has been dry for 14 days. I’m standing up, you may clap at [...]

Fickle Tilly

Tilly is delightful. She is chatty, ever so chatty. She rarely stops for breath in fact. She is full of fun and games and loves hide and seek and i-spy (although Tilly’s hide & seek involves telling you where she’s hiding and her i-spy involves saying “Ispymylileye something ‘ginning with yellow!” who knows?). Tilly is [...]