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The Village Fete

Yesterday I took the girls down to my sister’s, him indoors was on a stag do (in Ibiza, I ask you), and there was a church fete in her village.  Just to set the scene my sister took most of the sociable genes in our family.  My eldest sister is also very friendly but my [...]

Sunshiney optimism

Clearly I wouldn’t be British if I didn’t dedicate a blog post to the weather. It’s a big deal isn’t it? Sunday felt like the start of Spring, in fact according to my girls today was warm enough to get the paddling pool out. I thought that on balance the overly enthusiastic plant watering was [...]

The Exercise of Struggle

There is much written about how we should engage with our children. We must help them develop core skills through creative play. We must help them learn. We must pretend to be fairy princesses to help them learn about, er, fairy princesses? And I get this, I do. I certainly see the value in opening [...]


I was on the train home from work one day last week, feeling tired as usual (do I ever feel any other way? God I’m boring), I’d had a busy day and one that felt harder work for the desperately impractical shoes I was wearing.  They are rather high with rather thin heels and have [...]

The thing about glitter

Before I had children I imagined happy days making things from old cereal boxes, creating perfect potato cut outs for my well-behaved and well-coordinated children to print perfect pictures on rainy afternoons. We’d sit happily with the paint, glue and glitter and create priceless works of art that would be become life long memories.  Of [...]

Sisters, unicorns and winged horses

The girls and I have been up since about 6.30 today, we are every morning so nothing new there, but this morning was slightly different.  The girls have started to play more together, not just the usual snatching of toys, or pulling of hair or pretending to ‘carry’ Tilly (which ALWAYS ends in tears), but [...]

Tilly’s menagerie

Tilly is very funny.  I mean I know we all say that about our kids, but Tilly really can make me laugh in a way no one else can. She just has a way with words and a refreshingly low maintenance outlook on life. She has lately become extremely interested in animals.  She has inherited [...]

Why I love being nude

Continuing with my theme from the last post,  I bought a gorgeous pair of shoes this week. So if you were expecting me to start talking about how I love to get my kit off then sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place (although I can’t imagine anyone who reads this blog is expecting that [...]

The art of taking turns

So as anyone with a child over the age of 1 will know, turn taking is a very important art to learn. It will ultimately make one’s life better, easier and more fulfilling.  If you are Eliza then taking turns will lead to stars on the chart and ultimately treats of the chocolate variety.  Taking [...]

Gurgle girl review: Early Learning Centre

As a ‘Gurgle Girl’ I have the rather lovely task of reviewing children’s products, books and toys, from time to time. This time round I have been lucky enough to review Early Learning Centre toys.   I’m a big ELC fan, you know what you’re getting with their toys, they are always appropriate for the [...]