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Live in the moment

I like it best when my house is filled with friends and their children.  No really I do.  I mean don’t get me wrong I love the peace and quiet of an evening alone every now and then, but when I’m at home with the girls during the day, we love having friends round. So [...]

Spring time in Paris

So I was in Paris last night for a dinner with a big, important client and a meeting today with two super-cool global club owners/artists/friends of Mark Ronson (that’s how cool they were).  There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. As a 37 year old mum of two trying to keep body and soul [...]

My littlest girl

I think I might have fallen in love. I mean I always loved Tilly from the second she was born but recently I feel completely steam-rollered by it. In the way I was with Eliza at about the same time. When Eliza was about 19 months Tilly came along and I had maternity leave. During [...]

Christmas Gift Ideas: Review & special offer of Kodak Photo Books

This year I was planning to give family & close friends handmade Christmas gifts since I’ve become such a dab hand at making biscuits with Eliza.  The really lucky ones might even get cake.  I know, I’m too kind. I’m also clearly super mummy if I manage to do that which I probably won’t let’s [...]

Down to you, constant stranger

You’re a kind person, You’re a cold person too.It’s down to you constant strangerIt all comes down to you. These are a few lines from one of my all time favourite songs, Down to You by Joni Mitchell.   I love all her work, but this is one that has always resonated with me.  It describes [...]