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How to Remain Patient and Calm When Children Won’t Stop Whining

This is a guest post from a working nanny. For someone who struggles to remain calm when the kids are whining, this article has some really helpful hints on how to keep things in perspective, it’s a very practical guide. Well worth a read. It takes a great deal of patience when raising children. You [...]

Reward charts for the desperate mum

You know what? Sometimes I just feel like saying to my eldest daughter “why?” Just why do you behave like a little tyrant with me yet you’re sweetness and light with your nanny and pretty much anyone else you know? Why me? How did I deserve it? I just gave birth to you I didn’t [...]

Too clever by half

There was a time when a box of raisins could solve most problems in Eliza’s life; getting back in the pushchair was easily solved with a box of Sunmaid, leaving playgroup was a walk in the park and putting on her coat was a breeze. Then I introduced ‘the snack’ this is also known as [...]

The Gallery: Him indoors

So this week’s prompt at Tara’s Gallery is ‘Men’.  This is rather timely for me, given the events of this morning. My daughter woke up at 5am crying and screaming.  Not sure why, she was fine.  Just, apparantly, really angry.  With me.  I got lots of kicks and screams.  I had to physcially take myself [...]


I feel like celebrating the things that bring me joy.  And the irony of the weather today and the content of this post is not lost on me, but I wanted to say it anyway. I want to write about what the coming of Spring means to me, how the leaves budding on the trees [...]

This could be the last post….

There are many things that my daughter copies.  She has to put ‘cweeem’ on her face in the morning (I cunningly sub my moisturiser for her diprobase after the doc told me off for letting her use my creams), she has to use an old blusher brush to “put her make up on” with me, [...]