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Too clever by half

There was a time when a box of raisins could solve most problems in Eliza’s life; getting back in the pushchair was easily solved with a box of Sunmaid, leaving playgroup was a walk in the park and putting on her coat was a breeze. Then I introduced ‘the snack’ this is also known as [...]

Could this be goodbye to the muffin top?!

To the uninitiated the muffin top is the unsightly bulge above the belt that us ladies get. Having had 2 children in 18 months I had one to be proud of. It was almost a thing of beauty with its varying brushstrokes of red, silver and blue (ok stretchmarks but I’m a feminist which means [...]

The F Word

No not that F word. I’m talking about Food (although I do have to be VERY careful about what I say around my toddler these days as she copies everything, so actually the other f word is rarely used here, oh how virtuous I am). So food. If anyone has cracked the ‘how do I [...]