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Father Christmas Is Watching You!

father christmas and his sleigh

Father Christmas is a very busy chap at this time of year, not only that but he’s supremely blessed with the gift of multiple sight. How else can he watch all the children in the lead up to Christmas? Unfortunately the ONS won’t give me an estimate on the number of children in the UK, [...]

‘Tis the Season To Buy Stuff You Don’t Need AKA Christmas

christmas consumerism

It feels as if Christmas is about a day away. It’s not of course, but the amount of Christmas consumerism that hits me each and every time I leave my house lately is giving me serious anxiety. I’m panicking about the presents I have yet to buy. I will end up spending a small fortune [...]

Distraction Techniques

We had Eliza’s Christmas carol service yesterday. I went along with Tilly, who enjoys a bit of a singsong (normally to the Black Keys or her own rendition of a nursery rhyme).  The church was filling up and it was reasonably easy keeping her amused with lots of “Oooh look how many people there are” or [...]

What Women Want for Christmas

I don’t know about you but buying Christmas presents can be fun and satisfying, when you know EXACTLY what that person in your life would like, or it can be an anxiety inducing nightmare as you waste a load of cash on yet more gifts that will consigned to the ‘regift’ cupboard….  So when Sainsbury’s [...]

The thing about glitter

Before I had children I imagined happy days making things from old cereal boxes, creating perfect potato cut outs for my well-behaved and well-coordinated children to print perfect pictures on rainy afternoons. We’d sit happily with the paint, glue and glitter and create priceless works of art that would be become life long memories.  Of [...]

11 things about Christmas

The girls were playing a Christmas game last night.  It involved Eliza being Father Christmas and Tilly being a reindeer.  She was, in fact, Daisy the Black Nosed Reindeer.  Of course she was.  They were both cantering about on an empty wrapping paper roll singing jingle bells.  I think it’s fair to say they have [...]

2010 in review

The best Christmas present I had this year was my gorgeous little girl starting to properly walk. It’s funny to see Tilly upright, walking in a drunken fashion with her arms out for balance, but it’s possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen. Tilly has hypermobility and this means that she has been late to [...]

The toddlers of Christmas present

I realised one thing today with absolute clarity. Having two toddlers at Christmas, when you factor in presents, lots of new people, lots of old people and lots of dogs is like, it’s like, well, what is it like actually? Like herding chickens into the path of a fox warren or like climbing Everest with [...]

Toddler logic

“Mummy, your hair is the colour of poo isn’t it?” said Eliza as she sat on the loo at 6.50am today. “Well, technically I suppose, but not really darling no,” said I taking a quick glance in the mirror just to make sure. “But your hair is brown and so is poo so it’s the [...]

Things I love about Christmas

1.  Mulled wine.  This year both Tesco and Sainsbury’s are doing a very decent ready made bottle. If you are a complete slob like me then you can microwave a cupfull in 1 minute.  Then sit in front of the fire and pretend you brewed it up yourself.  Perfect. (If you fancy having a go [...]