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Christmas Gift Ideas: Review & special offer of Kodak Photo Books

This year I was planning to give family & close friends handmade Christmas gifts since I’ve become such a dab hand at making biscuits with Eliza.  The really lucky ones might even get cake.  I know, I’m too kind. I’m also clearly super mummy if I manage to do that which I probably won’t let’s [...]

Addendum: not all bad

I feel I ought to add an addendum to today’s rant. There was a happy ending. I went to the John Lewis press show today (as a blogger I might add, possibly they thought I was someone with influence when they invited me, how funny).  I’m sure at some point I’ll tell you about all [...]

The Gallery: Joy

The prompt for Tara’s Gallery this week is Joy. I thought for ages about this, then I remembered I had the pictures of Christmas Day 2009.  It was a truly wonderful day for us.  Just the four of us, our little family at home. Before lunch, we went for a walk up to the Common.  The [...]

We think it’s all over…

God Christmas doesn’t half go on does it? The actual day was fairly relaxed, well as it ever is with a toddler and a baby, but it was just the 4 of us. I was the perfect Christmassy housewife/mother (there’s a first for everything); slow cooked the coq au vin for about 14 hours – [...]

Motherless daughters make over the top mothers… discuss.

Christmas is an emotional time for everyone isn’t it? Arguments with the family, forgetting to defrost the turkey, over excited children who don’t want to sleep. But for me it’s also a time when I feel the loss of my Mum even more than normal. Having kids has made me miss her almost constantly (if [...]