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My Relay Race Life

This week I have mostly been working really rather hard.  I often work hard but this week was intense. I was launching a famous US brand to the UK (you can see what it was here) and it involved staying over in London for 3 nights, finishing at about midnight most nights and up and [...]

Competition: Galt Arts and Crafts goodies

I have a love hate relationship with arts and crafts where my children are concerned.  I love it because they do and it’s fantastic for their creativity, their imagination and it’s just lots of fun really isn’t it?  But I do have an on going issue with glitter, and I’m not massively keen on paint. [...]

Giveaway: How to Con Your Kid

I can’t think of the last time I did a competition or a giveaway or anything remotely nice like that on this blog. But recently a nice chap got in touch with me about a book called “How to Con Your Kid”by David Borgenicht and James Grace asking if I’d like to read it.  It [...]

Philosophy and the toddler

We were all sitting in the living room earlier after bathtime and before bedtime. Him indoors had come home to say goodnight to the girls, he’s been off studying all day. We were all watching Peppa Pig. One of our favourite pastimes. “Mummy.” “Yes Eliza.” “Do you know that if you stay in a bubble [...]

Win a gorgeous duvet set from Puraspace

This is a really lovely competition.  I know that this prize is gorgeous because I’ve been lucky enough to try one and so has Eliza.  For the first time in my grown up life I have a soft, fluffy, duvet that retains its ‘puff’ all night.  It makes you feel rather luxurious and as a [...]

And the winner is…

Thank you to everyone who entered the Spotty Button competition to win this gorgeous children’s picnic tea set.  As promised the winner was selected at random (a process that involved putting names in a hat and asking Eliza to pick the winner, she has a very strong sense of fair play I might add). She [...]

Win a gorgeous picnic tea set!

Morning all, what a gorgeous day and I am full of the joys of Spring (May is still Spring right?) because I have this gorgeous prize up for grabs today thanks to Spotty Button.  It’s a picnic tea set – perfect for this lovely weather. Picnic tea set from www.spottybutton.co.uk Spotty Button offers an irresistible range of [...]

Big sister & Boden competition

My little girls are really starting to get on. It’s absolutely gorgeous to watch. Tilly idolises her big sister and Eliza, although only 18 months older is definitely the older, wiser one. She’s really helpful sometimes too. Like today I took them to the farm and I knew that Tilly would go wherever Eliza went [...]

Commenting and present giving

First of all I have to say having read Northmummy’s post this morning I had an attack of Comment Guilt. Not content with all the other guilt in my life (working mum guilt, rubbish wife guilt, crap daughter guilt, lousy sister guilt, absent friend guilt) I now have Coment Guilt to add. You see I [...]

The Greatest Holiday in the World

*Sponsored Post*   I can’t quite believe this competition I’ve been told about.  It’s so incredibly SIMPLE it’s got to be worth entering.  It will take you approximately 5 minutes to do so, but could get you 365 nights of hotel rooms.   It’s The Greatest Holiday in the World by Radisson Blu and simply by entering before 24 July 2010 you could [...]