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Why I don’t believe in Fairy Tales

There are many unsolved mysteries in the world; Lord Lucan, Shergar, how Gary Barlow has gradually got so hot, where all the armbands in our house go, but I have stumbled upon another one. It’s big. It’s really big. On the stroke of midnight how come all Cinderella’s clothes turn back to rags, her carriage [...]

Advertising to children

My children do watch television. I feel like I’m outing myself in some sort of internet based confessional and very shortly the proper parents will be round to remove the offending box from my living room.  The reality is I think most of us make good use of the TV from time to time.  But [...]

Guardian angels

Lovely vintage scrapbook angel http://scrapworkart.blogspot.com Lately Eliza’s been having nightmares, or bad dreams as I guess they are when you’re four.  Tilly’s been up in the night too but I imagine that is anxiety associated with potty training and/or her own realisation that she is a girl not a cat which is causing her some disappointment. [...]

My little heartbreaker

She’s peacefully sleeping in my bed, after a long and broken night, of bad dreams and losing Milo and covers falling off. I’m getting ready for work in the half darkness, just the hall light giving me some idea of where my tights are hiding. She’s starting to stir, her teeth grinding, her arms starting [...]

Dumbo, my parenting manual

So the thing about kids is this.  They are brutally honest and terrifyingly insightful.  To adults who have spent most of their lives trying to be tactful and generally missing all the important subtleties of meaning our friends, family and partners have tried to convey this is very unnerving.  They tell it like it is. [...]

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

During my journey as a mother (I’m not sure I’ll ever actually arrive to be honest, but does anyone?), I have heard myself say things that I had sort of hoped I wouldn’t.  The old favourite “you should know better” (to a 2 and 4 year old is a bit ridiculous) and the stalwart “I’m [...]


Mabel is our cat. She’s not much of a family cat, she’s certainly not a lap cat, in fact she goes for long periods when she’ll disappear all together.  I don’t worry. She’s a survivor.  She was a rescue cat, I got her from Battersea when I was living alone in a flat in South [...]

Parenting 101: no surprises

I have learnt a few things about children, not many I admit, but a few, well a couple.  One of them is that children like to know what’s coming, they don’t like surprises (well unless they involve presents or cake).  So I am very careful to warn my two about any changes to their routine. [...]

Super Happy

As anyone with little children will know, most decisions you make, that they are aware of, need to be justified.  This is because almost everything you do will be questioned. Why do I need to eat lunch Mummy? Why do I need to brush my teeth Mummy? Why do I need fingernails? You know the [...]

Eliza’s wedding

She’s only 3, almost 4 but lately the subject of babies in tummies seems to be on Eliza’s mind.  I think it’s because a good friend of ours had her second baby recently, either that or Mummy Pig has had a baby and no one told me.  Who knows. But it’s had an impact. “Mummy, [...]