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The Democratic State of Parenthood

The Parental Labour Camp

I was never going to be the type of mother who let her kids boss her around, I wasn’t going to be controlled by their ever changing whims. This, along with almost every other preconception I had about parenting, turned out to be woefully off the mark. I’d like to say that most of the, [...]

The Village Fair

It’s been a really rather busy week. Work is really kicking off, I was in Paris on Thursday and Friday (which is not as glamorous as it sounds), and I was supposed to be doing a 1/2 marathon tomorrow so I have tried to squeeze in a couple of runs but I only managed one [...]

We Love Each Both

Tilly building sandcastles

There are some mornings when it’s just about acceptable to be woken by your off spring. Some mornings when they surprise you with their joy, enthusiasm and sheer lovely gorgeousness. Saturday was one such morning. They burst in to our room, together, after much whispering and running about on the landing. Eliza jumped on bed [...]

Gardening and Hama Beads: Spring’s arrived

The girls LOVE pink flowers

So we’ve had a few nice sunny days and that means one thing. The garden. Yep the local garden centres are considerably better off today and there could be a national shortage of terracotta and indeed any pink plants, since the girls were putting an awful lot of random plants in the trolley. Mostly pink, [...]

Thank You David Attenborough

Milo took pride of place in the bicycle basket

As far as I know my girls have not actually watched any David Attenborough style nature programmes. They are, in my opinion, a bit young for the harsh lessons of survival of the fittest and witnessing baby animals get ripped from their mothers by a starving lion. I know that’s nature and that’s the natural [...]

Butterfly Kiss

Just in case you were in any doubt what a butterfly actually was

I remember quite well when my mother showed me what a butterfly kiss was, she fluttered her eyelashes against mine, I can remember the tickling feeling as we fluttered them together and from then on only wanting butterfly kisses when I went to school or when she put me to bed. It’s funny the things [...]

But HOW Mummy?


So I’ve had the ‘But why Mummy?” ad infinitum.  Most of the time I try to give the right answer but regularly I resort to “Well it just sort of is/does”.But lately Eliza is more interested in how.   The practical mechanics of how stuff happens.  Where once I could make up endless stories about [...]

Just Listen to Yourself

Him indoors and I went out the other night.  It was the school quiz night, which was actually very good fun.  It being in a school meant we were all sitting around rather low tables on grown up size chairs which when combined with free flowing wine and much knee jerking and air punching caused [...]

The Secret Life of My Daughter no.1

Tilly gets some very funny ideas in her head. In fact so much so that Eliza and I can frequently be found looking at each other with our ‘Tilly’s got another of her funny ideas in her head’ looks. Tilly is perfectly happy in her own little world and she is so very entertaining when [...]

Peas in a Pod

My girls are friends.  Ok they fight like Mabel and the local fox sometimes, but mostly they are pals. Currently their favourite game is wheelbarrow races (Tilly’s the wheelbarrow of course).  I like nothing more than eavesdropping on their conversations like a mummy-spy, listening to Eliza tell Tilly how to do something or more often [...]