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Coming Home

A few things happened over the last few days. 1. I went on my much longed for ‘meet in the middle’ break with my best friend Jonathan.  We went to Dubai for 3 days (he lives in Singapore), it was approximately 5000 degrees in the shade and walking to the pool was so tiring I [...]

Can Wishes Come True?

Just lately Tilly thinks 5.30am is a great time to get up.  5.30am is the new black, it’s rock ‘n roll, it’s the thing all the cool 3 year olds are doing this month.  She jumps out of bed and comes smiling into my room, her crazy baby-not-quite-little-girl hair forms a halo around her beautiful [...]

My Luxury Item

In any partnership where young children are involved there’s most probably a tacit agreement that time on one’s own is something of a luxury item. It’s not that we don’t love our little ones and find great joy in the laughter, the (endless) questions, the funny things they say, the mimicry of carpet cleaner adverts, [...]


Lately a lot of things, actually a lot of people are ‘scary’ to Eliza and therefore it naturally follows that they are to Tilly too (not sure she really knows why but her big sister sets dictates they are so that’s that).  It’s been a bit of a challenge recently since friend’s will come over [...]

Summer holidays

This year we are going to France. This is the first time the girls’ will have been out of the UK in their short lives, which reminds me I must get them passports, I’m bound to forget. Until now I’ve not felt brave enough which is pathetic really.  I know people who have been taking [...]

Sunshiney optimism

Clearly I wouldn’t be British if I didn’t dedicate a blog post to the weather. It’s a big deal isn’t it? Sunday felt like the start of Spring, in fact according to my girls today was warm enough to get the paddling pool out. I thought that on balance the overly enthusiastic plant watering was [...]

Cooking with Mother

My children are becoming very clever.  They often speak to me like I’m a total moron who needs to be told things very slowly and very carefully. They often say things to me in a manner more befitting a teenager. They are 2 and 4 years old.  I’m sure this is normal behaviour. Tilly has [...]


There seems to be a switch that flicks on in children around about 2 and a half (Tilly’s age) when they realise that they do not, in fact, have to do everything their big sister tells them. (They realise they most definitely don’t have to do anything their mum tells them either, but that’s another [...]

2011: a few things I’d like to remember

Last year was one of real change, discovery and personal growth for me.  Quite aside from the fact that that makes me sound like a wannabe X Factor entrant (“I’ve grown so much, learnt so much, please vote for me” yeah whatever) it is cliched because it’s true.  I went through some fairly hideous times [...]

Shepherd’s Ate Pie

One of the very best things about being my girls’ mother is the conversations we have. The ones in the car are good, or over a meal (I say over quite literally since I am normally dodging something being slung in my direction), but the best are normally when they are in the bath and [...]