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Thank You David Attenborough

Milo took pride of place in the bicycle basket

As far as I know my girls have not actually watched any David Attenborough style nature programmes. They are, in my opinion, a bit young for the harsh lessons of survival of the fittest and witnessing baby animals get ripped from their mothers by a starving lion. I know that’s nature and that’s the natural [...]

If I stop I might fall over

As a small child I had an old red tricyle. It was the best thing in my little world and I’d pretend it was my car as I rode around the garden and up the drive. I’d lean down hard on one side for dramatic turns then panic and centre myself quickly. My sisters had [...]

London City Cyclist Fashion

If my 20 something self could see me now she would be amazed, impressed, possibly a little dissapointed but mostly dismayed by my lack of personal grooming and dress sense of late. Cycling.  It’s great for the muffin top but a killer for the inner-style queen. I have two bikes.  The 2 wheeled equivalent of [...]

The Gallery: Playtime

I haven’t put any pictures up for a while, too busy wallowing in introspection.  What a fun person I am.  So anyway enough of all that.  This week the gallery theme is Playtime. For Eliza right now anything to do with Fireman Sam is her idea of heaven.  So she was beside herself today, when taken [...]