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My Dad

It is Father’s Day today, as you probably know if you live anywhere near civilisation.  Now I’m pretty sure that when we were little my Dad dismissed Father’s Day as an Americanism that had found it’s way to our shores in a way similar to Trick or Treating, McDonalds or mispronunciation of the word harassed. [...]


So I’m a day late with this post. What’s new. Surely you don’t expect punctuality with this Mummy’s Life? Good I thought not. I just wanted to share a few thoughts on Dads.  Well my Dad in particular. In the last few weeks my Dad has been bloody brilliant. He has: Fixed a kitchen door [...]

Grandpa to the rescue!

Last night at about 9 ish Eliza woke coughing and wheezing. Fearing she was suffering from the childhood asthma her father had I was a bit worried. We called NHS Direct and after a lengthy discussion about her age, symptoms, my shoe size and our cat’s provenance we were put onto a nurse.  She then [...]

Built On Guilt

We bloggers are very protective about the places where we store our thoughts (albeit voyeuristically) so when we are afforded the privilege of posting on someone else’s blog, regardless of how it’s happened (I did not beg or hack, Brownies honour) then we have to either try to impress or just carry on regardless. I [...]

Meandering reflections

When all is quiet in my house I feel strangely removed.  It’s like I have gone back in time to a life before I got married and had kids, a life where I lived alone and did what I wanted when I wanted.  I always treasure these brief moments alone, where no one can ask [...]

Dig for victory!

I was asked if I’d like to do a sponsored post lately.  Well, maybe, I said, if the subject was one I would naturally write about.  It was gardening.  I love it. It so happens that this weekend I was hoping to get my Toddler’s hands muddy by showing her the joy that can be [...]

7 things you never knew you didn’t know

For some reason I am in an utterly foul mood today.  I have shouted at my husband (although I still think he deserved it grrrrr), I have shouted at the man in accounts (he also sort of deserved it, but I have apologised because it’s just not cool to shout and swear at poor people [...]