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The perfect storm

The last two weeks have been a perfect storm. An au pair who shouldn’t be looking after a hamster let alone children has been the root cause of many other problems, the type of things that are normally surmountable but somehow seem unrelenting and deeply stressful. My children are the most important people in my [...]

This too shall pass

Sometimes my mind goes blank and all I can see is the cloud descending and all I can feel is fear. The darkness seeps in and pushes out the light. The guilt gains ground at these times, feeding off my insecurity, it escalates and becomes the only emotion I am able to feel, along with [...]

Warning. Self indulgent post.

I’ve had a bad day. If you don’t like self pity then leave now. Still here? You’ve been warned. Also if you work with me – in the nicest possible way please just go and do something else right now, don’t read this shit. It started last night. An argument with him indoors about the [...]

Wanna be writer

Yes that’s me. The sheepish woman in the corner pulling her self confidence back up off the floor after the first rejection. The first of many of course, I realise that. I thought I was prepared for it but now I realise what an idiot I am. Why when I have so many things in [...]

Lose the stigma. Please.

I’ve written here and there about depression on Holly’s Hobby, it didn’t seem to right to bring this, mostly lighthearted (lightweight perhaps), blog down with the illness.  Afterall this is about a mummy’s life, the ups and downs of working for a living and bringing up two children 18 months apart.  It’s a blog about parenting and all [...]

The Eternal Optimist

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, a Friday, I’d just got home from school.  My Dad was in the courtyard pottering about with something, probably a bike or his sailing boat.  He was often home on Friday’s, taking the extremely sensible decision to cut his working week in London.  I never before realised what a [...]