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Product review: Lumilove Penguin nightlight

So since the dummy fairy visited Eliza has developed a fear of the dark. Well strictly speaking I think she’s just upped the ante in the stalling technique department but I’m humouring her by leaving the light on. But then I remembered the Lumilove Penguin nightlight that I was asked to review a few weeks [...]

Positive thinking

Now that both my children have given up their dummies I clearly think I am supermum if not in fact superhuman. The fact that it was basically my husband that made me do it is beside the point. I am taking credit. So now that I think I have some ability at being a parent [...]

Bye bye dummies!

Do you know what? The dummy fairy only bloody works!  I know I didn’t think it would either and had it not been for all the words of support from you lovely people and the militant rule of my husband I would have given up. But I think you probably knew that. Last night Tilly [...]

Dummy fairy part 3: in which I wonder why on earth I started this…

So you have 2 children, both reasonable sleepers, maybe they wake once or twice a night but nothing a cuddle and a re-plug of a dummy can’t help (well less so with one child, but let’s not worry about that for the purposes of dramatic effect.). One day, apropos of nothing really except some imagined [...]

The dummy fairy part 2

Update from last night.. Day one in the dummy-free house and we are all still sane. Sort of. Eliza went to bed reasonably easily after some time wailing in my arms and begging me for her dummy. I stood fast and said no she was a big girl about a thousand times then I started [...]

The Dummy Fairy comes calling..

Image from www.thedummyfairyworkshop.com As you may know I do some particularly stupid things in my life, none more so than where my children are concerned.  Probably the one that takes the prize though is giving my 3 year old her dummy back after having ditched it a year previously after her baby sister came along [...]

The dummy magnet

A gratuitous picture of him and the girls because it makes me happy. So there is a myth that abounds in parenting books (thank you Gina Ford) that ALL children will become dummy addicts if you give them a dummy.  In fact some ‘experts’ like to say that giving a child a dummy will create [...]

Family fun and dummy dilemmas

“Have you been on a quad bike before?” said the rather glamorous looking female ‘trek leader’. “Er, no, definitely not, never.” (and never thought I would frankly). “Fine, the only danger is if you take your foot off the footwell and you might get it run over by the rear tyre, or trapped between the [...]

The bedtime routine: part 2 in which I attempt to impart some wisdom

Long ago, in a galaxy far away (yes I’ve used that line before, but the old ones are the best), I was a carefree young woman, who suffered occasionally from insomnia.  I know.  Crazy to think that now isn’t it.  Insomnia is a condition whereby your mind and/or body prevents you sleeping and getting your [...]

The argument quota

I was talking to a friend yesterday about arguments.  Happy subject don’t you think?  But she was saying that since having their baby her and her husband argue.  They never did before, so it’s come as a surprise.  The smallest things set them off.  It made me think; certainly my husband and I play a [...]