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We Love Each Both

Tilly building sandcastles

There are some mornings when it’s just about acceptable to be woken by your off spring. Some mornings when they surprise you with their joy, enthusiasm and sheer lovely gorgeousness. Saturday was one such morning. They burst in to our room, together, after much whispering and running about on the landing. Eliza jumped on bed [...]

“Learning through play”

Him indoors and I had a chat with Eliza’s key worker at pre-school this morning. A sort of parent’s evening for a 3 year old, in the morning.  Anyway apparently Eliza has settled very well and plays very nicely with the other children, all good.  She enjoys ‘learning through play’ which on further investigation means [...]

A chat with my toddler

“So Eliza you remember that Mummy’s going away for a couple of days for work tomorrow?” “Why Mummy?” “Well because I need to do some work.” “Why Mummy?” Oh God, here we go.. “Because it’s my job darling, oh look is that a squirrel on the lawn?” “Where Mummy?” Excellent the distraction worked. “Over there [...]

Holy cow we did it. THE birthday party

So the night before last  him indoors and I had this sort of discusssion: Him: “So how many children are coming?” Me: “Well, about 15 or so..” Him: “Or so? Right so about 20 then.” Me:   “No, 15 it’ll be fine.” Him:  ”Holly, you did of course count parents too when you were thinking [...]