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Family Day Out: The Natural History Museum

The Earth Galleries at the Natural History Museum

It’s not often that the whole family gets a whole day together, in fact lately it’s been very rare what with him indoors’ work, birthday parties, ballet rehearsals and all the other things that we call life. So today we decided that we’d do something all together. Rather than the usual suspects; Box Hill, National [...]

A Short Break


We decided at the last minute to get away. We all needed a short break, some time together away from the stress of normal life. And let’s be honest away from the freezing weather. We are very lucky. So far so good. The girls are relaxing (a bit), I am too, I can feel my [...]

Family Holiday in France

Since we’ve had children we’ve never been abroad on holiday, both of us really enjoy exploring this country and we’ve had some amazing holidays here.  Also to be completely honest the idea of aeroplanes, travelling, waiting in queues to check in and all the other stuff with our kids is a bit overwhelming. But when [...]


I am in the midst of a very big change in my life. I am not menopausal or having another a baby or getting a divorce or about to have a sex-change. I’m not even getting liposuction (although there’s a thought). So maybe it’s not that big come to think of it. But pretty damn [...]

The weekend in pictures: Donkeys by the gate

One of Eliza’s favourite things to do is go and visit her cousins (my sisters’ children). One of my sister’s lives in a gorgeous country pub (The Bull at Benenden) which borders the village green. Beyond the green is the church and behind that is a field which two donkeys, who I understand are called [...]

Family fun and dummy dilemmas

“Have you been on a quad bike before?” said the rather glamorous looking female ‘trek leader’. “Er, no, definitely not, never.” (and never thought I would frankly). “Fine, the only danger is if you take your foot off the footwell and you might get it run over by the rear tyre, or trapped between the [...]

How to avoid public transport (according to my toddler).

I was just folding up the washing, chatting to myself with Eliza in the room so I felt less mad. “Right tonight, I’m going to get you two in to bed, then put in some words on my book.”“Okay Mummy.  Why?” “So I can make lots of money and look after you two rather than [...]

My baby’s becoming a toddler…

Her little face is so expressive, she smiles broadly in complete delight as if she can’t quite believe she’s done it.  But she has.  She has pulled herself up onto her shaky little legs and wobbly ankles, with such focus and concentration all three of us clap her achievement. My husband and I are almost [...]

In the, frankly, surreal night garden

Being a mummy has hurled me headlong into a whole new world.  I reckon most mums feel like their old lives have been neatly packed up and stored in the attic until such time as their offspring are able to make it in the world on their own, or at the very least make their poor [...]

Three moody bulls

Another weekend another exploration of the local environs chez Mummy’s Life.  We had some lovely friends, who we see far too rarely, down for the weekend and we took them off for a walk in our new neck of the woods. We picked a 3 1/2 miler, nice and light for the afternoon.  Snacks, drinks [...]