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What a difference a day makes

Picnic at the beach Is there actually anything better on a sunny English day than a spontaneous trip to the seaside? Not much as far as I’m concerned. There’s something engrained into the British psyche that causes us to smile inanely when we see a blue sky. That same things causes us to load up [...]

One I want to remember

It’s easy to underestimate children isn’t it? Experience dictates that a certain situation will end in tears or that because they’ve thrown a wobbler over something before they’ll do so again. But it’s also easy to forget the rate at which they develop and grow and what might have been a nightmare last week might [...]

On Returning To Work

Made by me, yes me! Life is like a tray of cupcakes and actually it doesn’t really matter which one you choose because invariably things will work out one way or another. This is what I’ve learnt in the last 6 months.  We can be as exacting and careful as we like in the choices [...]

This is tough

I have just spent the weekend alone with my children. Which was lovely. Mostly. We had a party to go to we had a lovely day today with  Lucy and her children (my best friend and Eliza’s godmother), we took the girls to an art workshop, well for about 30 mins as we were late, [...]

Coming up roses

We’re very much into gardening in this mummy’s house, the girls tend to sow all the seeds right next to each other so our flowers grow in clumps but you can’t have everything can you?  Anyway we have been doing some gardening overhauling in preparation for the summer.  The main thing we need to do [...]

Simple fun

Tilly declared after throwing most of the bread part of her sandwich on the floor that she wanted to ‘Feed ducks Mummy!’ She then started wiggling frantically in her booster chair at the kitchen table. Jolly good idea as it happened, given we had some old bread and the alternative was me trying to be [...]

Spring cleaning with the fairies

I undertook some fairly ruthless de-cluttering this weekend. I like to organise things in boxes and now that I’m a grown up in a grown up house I like to have boxes that look pretty. I realised that ancient washing baskets (made of plastic) weren’t really going to cut it in Grownupsville. These storage boxes [...]

Things not to do with small children around #1

Try and dye your own hair. Here’s why.  - you will realise that one or other of the children have taken the handy plastic gloves and you’ll have to risk peroxiding your hands once you realise you have no rubber gloves ANYWHERE in the house and the gardening gloves are covered in slugs. – you [...]

Taking stock: where we are now

I have realised something recently, I’m actually a reasonably able mother, I would say ‘good’ but I believe that’s down to interpretation. Spending the last week with my children since I was off work was, on balance, joyful.  Yes there were bad times, many naughty step moments (the carpet on our stairs may well need [...]