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I am in the midst of a very big change in my life. I am not menopausal or having another a baby or getting a divorce or about to have a sex-change. I’m not even getting liposuction (although there’s a thought). So maybe it’s not that big come to think of it. But pretty damn [...]

Tilly talk

It always starts with a few words doesn’t it, the talking bit.  The bit were they look at things and start to compute in their developing brains that there are words for things.  Objects, food, milk. So far we’ve had a lot of ‘water’ said in a curious Chinese accent which is very sweet and [...]

Running on empty

You remember Blue Peter?  (actually I think it’s still on, blimey).  They had regular ‘totalisers’ trying to raise money for penguins or ewoks or something. It’d go up steadily every day (maybe they still do, but in some sort of technological wizardry).  In the old days it was a pretty simple cardboard affair. That’s sort [...]

Life. That’s all.

I have written a post on Holly’s Hobby today, something incredibly sad happened last week and it has shaken me.  It has made me truly realise all that I have, how lucky we are in our little family.  How sleep issues, and teething issues, and feeding issues and all that comes with having 2 small [...]

I have an idea! (Would love your thoughts..)

Lately, well since I got my iphone (which as you know I am marginally obsessed with), I have been taking quite a bit of film.  Just little clips of my girls, family life, things I see that I find interesting, beautiful, enchanting, funny.  To date I haven’t used much on my blog, but I plan [...]

What is happiness?

Jen at the brilliant Autism, the King and I kindly gave me the Happiness Award. This has made me think about what happiness means to me.   I mean real, warmth welling up inside you happiness.  The type that makes you so glad to be alive you can’t believe you ever had a day where [...]

Me: The Gallery

This is me.  It’s on display today as part of Tara Cain’s Gallery.  It was taken when my toddler was about 10 months and I was pregnant with the Baby. The rest of the pictures in this series show Eliza with me, but this was just me bathed in the love and pure joy of motherhood [...]