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Why I love being nude

Continuing with my theme from the last post,  I bought a gorgeous pair of shoes this week. So if you were expecting me to start talking about how I love to get my kit off then sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place (although I can’t imagine anyone who reads this blog is expecting that [...]

Spring cleaning my wardrobe

Jasmine Guiness Tea dress at K&Co. I want this! Oooh Spring is here (well for this week at least) and so I need to spend some money investing in womens wear You know what? These days I am especially good at being frugal where clothing is concerned. I am becoming an expert at finding new [...]

London City Cyclist Fashion

If my 20 something self could see me now she would be amazed, impressed, possibly a little dissapointed but mostly dismayed by my lack of personal grooming and dress sense of late. Cycling.  It’s great for the muffin top but a killer for the inner-style queen. I have two bikes.  The 2 wheeled equivalent of [...]

Little Film Club prompts

So we’ve made it to Week 2.   I just want to thank the people who took part last week.  You are wonderful to share your little films.  As I said it’s just so magical to get a glimpse at life in this way.  Please do put the badge or a link in your post [...]

OK Gok Wan I take it back…kind of

I’ve always found the exposing and confronting of people’s deepest fears and anxieties in the name of ‘finding yourself’ or ‘being proud sista’ rather nauseating.  I have never been a fan of Gok’s Look Good Naked, I find it more Look Pretty Awful Naked but You Make Good TV.  Before you hate me for it, yes I have seen the looks [...]