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Dear Mr Kellogg; A Question From My Daughter


Dear Mr Kellogg Eliza and I are having a bowl of All Bran Bran Flakes as a small snack as I’ve just got home from work and am hungry, she is also hungry, having informed me she felt ‘empty’. I confidently poured her a big bowl (she likes it very much) and then decided to [...]

Feeding time at the zoo!

Phrases like that have always jarred with me slightly. It’s in the same vein as ‘you don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps!’. There’s just something so not very funny but trying to be that I find vaguely depressing.  But as for the feeding time analogy I’ve also found it slightly [...]

Feeding time, Plum style

So I was in Paris overnight yesterday. In possibly the world’s most dull hotel. The only international channel was BBC World, where I got to find out about the lost art of the 1992 Expo. I feel enriched by that. Honest.  I have very little of note to share. So now seems like a good [...]

The timeless art of parenting

I have an Aunt and Uncle who I love dearly. They are very cool and very eccentric. They live in a nice part of Central London, socialise with a rather decadent crowd and frequently roll home at 3am after being in various establishments. They are not well off, they ‘get by’. My aunt, in particular, [...]

Working mum, tired mummy

I’m just about to leave the office and I find myself thinking “God I’m knackered.” Meetings, writing pitches, more meetings and of course the blogging which is clearly a mandatory in my job (who am I trying to kid) just leaves me drained. But I know when I walk through the door I’ll be met [...]

Selling a house on Twitter, now there’s a thought..

(2 posts in one day is excessive, but I need to offload. Bear with me.) I started the countdown to 5pm and the decision on whether this b&^%d was going to buy our house at 3.30 pm. 3.45: woke toddler from nap (Why did I do this. Not really sure, but thought we might try [...]

“Getty luuuunch!”

So lucky for me Friday is my ‘day off’ (from the office job that is). And ‘Getty Lunch’is the squeal every Friday morning, as we head off to Fruity Tunes. It’s the bribe to get no.1 daughter dressed, breakfasted and shoed to get to our weekly outing of singing and dancing. But today it all [...]