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Fireman Sam rocks.

My daughter is obsessed with Fireman Sam.  And Elvis, Station Officer Steele (or Circle as she calls him, no I don’t know why either, I don’t speak Toddler very well), Penny, Naughty Norman Price and Mandy and all the rest of them in Pontypandy.  If she was a blogger, he’d be her number one keyword.  [...]

I have this friend called Jonathan

He is tall and very funny. And that’s where the Charlie and Lola homage ends because I do not watch enough of it to do it justice, if on the other hand I were to do an homage to Fireman Sam I would be unstoppable and in fact Hit Entertainment might just commission me to [...]

Quick call Fireman Sam Mummy!

So it’s 4am, I’m restlessly sleeping in my over-hot room, semi-concsious as the light seeps through my window, wondering if I can hear movement in either girls’ bedrooms.  No all quiet on the homefront. When all of a sudden this happens: “Mummy mummy, fire in my bedroom!  Quick Mummy fire in my bedroom!” I open [...]

The Bedtime Routine

“Come on darling up the stairs, time for a Fireman Sam story” Toddler is stalling on the bottom step.  Gone all floppy and not wanting to go upstairs. “No Mummy not yet” “Yes you have to go up the stairs or the botty snapper will get you”  (this was inherited from my childhood, I realise [...]