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Peas in a Pod

My girls are friends.  Ok they fight like Mabel and the local fox sometimes, but mostly they are pals. Currently their favourite game is wheelbarrow races (Tilly’s the wheelbarrow of course).  I like nothing more than eavesdropping on their conversations like a mummy-spy, listening to Eliza tell Tilly how to do something or more often [...]

Old friends and cheeky toddlers

I had a lovely night on Friday. I caught up with my oldest school friends – by that I mean I’ve known them a long time not that they are particularly old. Just to be clear. One of them is pregnant and so my friend Lucy and I couldn’t help but give our poor unsuspecting [...]

Post holiday not-so-blues

So the BEST thing about going on a cheeky break with your GBF away from your little angels, apart from the copious champagne quaffing, sunbathing, standing in a warm bath AKA the sea, chatting and calling it swimming and sleeping, alot, is this: “Mummeeeeeeee!  Mummy’s home.  Look Tilly, Mummy’s here!!!!” then being swiftly knocked over [...]

The X Factor 15

Hello, this is Jonathan Sanchez. This blog post is coming from me, live from Dubai; I’ve sort of commandered this WONDERFUL blog by my wonderful best friend to hold a mirror up to her face (not to check she’s beathing, although she is one deep sleeper) but more to reflect to her how much she [...]

The similarity between running and childbirth

I successfully completed a 10k run yesterday for Cancer Research. I actually really enjoyed it, my legs are feeling it now, but the hour it took was an hour entirely for myself in which I managed to ‘write’ many words of my novel and explore lots of plot lines. I also managed to sort through [...]

Three moody bulls

Another weekend another exploration of the local environs chez Mummy’s Life.  We had some lovely friends, who we see far too rarely, down for the weekend and we took them off for a walk in our new neck of the woods. We picked a 3 1/2 miler, nice and light for the afternoon.  Snacks, drinks [...]

Blog bullies and other animals

I read a post on the brilliantly concieved Blognonymous recently about cyber-bullying.  The person wrote eloquently about how she had been subject to this insidious and very carefully thought out type of bullying.  To bully someone on their blog and online must take effort; the time it takes to keep a  blog going and comment on [...]

Statistic anxiety and my very best (girl) friends

OK own up – who was it?  Who ‘unfollowed’ my blog?  Actually hang on a minute, this is a bit pointless since it’s unlikely you’re reading.  Oh well, what the heck. No I’m fine, not offended IN ANY WAY.  Completely fine with it.  Statistics mean NOTHING to me.  I am taking The Moiderer’s advice.  Who [...]

A rampage of under 3′s

Is there a collective noun for under 3′s?  If not I have created it.  A rampage.  It’s what toddlers and babies do.  Like locusts in reverse. They arrive, they assess the ground, then they attack.  They remove everything from every box, basket, bag and anything else you are foolish enough to leave lying around. They [...]

Trimming the bush

No, not that one.  Honestly what do you take me for?  I share alot here, but that’s too much. I am very proud of my hedge today.  With the help of my rather green fingered toddler and the direction of my very supervisory baby, we trimmed the hedge in the garden.  The toddler kept exclaiming [...]