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Gardening and Hama Beads: Spring’s arrived

The girls LOVE pink flowers

So we’ve had a few nice sunny days and that means one thing. The garden. Yep the local garden centres are considerably better off today and there could be a national shortage of terracotta and indeed any pink plants, since the girls were putting an awful lot of random plants in the trolley. Mostly pink, [...]

Coming up roses

We’re very much into gardening in this mummy’s house, the girls tend to sow all the seeds right next to each other so our flowers grow in clumps but you can’t have everything can you?  Anyway we have been doing some gardening overhauling in preparation for the summer.  The main thing we need to do [...]

Spring has sprung

I love this time of year. It feels as if the fresh Spring air is full of hope and promise. Opportunity feels like it’s making it steady way to the door and all the burdens of the heavy winter months are packing up and leaving. It genuinely feels like a time of new beginnings, time [...]

Taste this. It’s disgusting

We all drove back from my sister’s pub this evening after a lovely day celebrating said sister’s 40th birthday.  I’ll come on to that.  But first this. On the way home, we stopped off to buy a coffee for him indoors as he was driving.  Clearly it wasn’t up to scratch hence I got asked [...]

Trimming the bush

No, not that one.  Honestly what do you take me for?  I share alot here, but that’s too much. I am very proud of my hedge today.  With the help of my rather green fingered toddler and the direction of my very supervisory baby, we trimmed the hedge in the garden.  The toddler kept exclaiming [...]

Homegrown radishy goodness

Remember a while ago I wrote about how to grow vegetables?  It was a sponsored post but this one isn’t, I am just a bit over-excited as today we had our first taste. We had a lovely day with some friends we haven’t seen for ages, they have a little girl the Toddler’s age and a [...]

Dig for victory!

I was asked if I’d like to do a sponsored post lately.  Well, maybe, I said, if the subject was one I would naturally write about.  It was gardening.  I love it. It so happens that this weekend I was hoping to get my Toddler’s hands muddy by showing her the joy that can be [...]