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How to Remain Patient and Calm When Children Won’t Stop Whining

This is a guest post from a working nanny. For someone who struggles to remain calm when the kids are whining, this article has some really helpful hints on how to keep things in perspective, it’s a very practical guide. Well worth a read. It takes a great deal of patience when raising children. You [...]

An Unconventional Guide to Housework

In my dreams...

This is a guest post from Cherrie West, a journalism graduate with a Haribo obsession, and an apparently keen interest in housework. Who am I to reason why? This is the sort of post I could simply never write because I don’t give housework enough thought, but there are some good tips in here on [...]

Getting your wardrobe ready for Spring

This is a guest post courtesy of Littlewoods. It’s rather optimistic since the weather is hardly likely to have us all getting our wardrobes ready for Spring, but we live in hope! With the shops currently full of cosy knitwear and the temperatures seriously chilly, it’s easy to get carried away with stocking up on [...]

The Medical Compensation Process

Many people believe that if a doctor or other healthcare provider is guilty of negligence that they do not have any form of recourse but this is far from the truth. In reality, if a doctor, dentist, surgeon, or other medical professional is guilty of negligence and it has led to illness or injury to [...]

What Women Want for Christmas

I don’t know about you but buying Christmas presents can be fun and satisfying, when you know EXACTLY what that person in your life would like, or it can be an anxiety inducing nightmare as you waste a load of cash on yet more gifts that will consigned to the ‘regift’ cupboard….  So when Sainsbury’s [...]

The X Factor 15

Hello, this is Jonathan Sanchez. This blog post is coming from me, live from Dubai; I’ve sort of commandered this WONDERFUL blog by my wonderful best friend to hold a mirror up to her face (not to check she’s beathing, although she is one deep sleeper) but more to reflect to her how much she [...]

The children’s party dilemma

This week’s guest post is from my friend Jane at Northern Mummy with Southern Children.  She’s just recently started her blog and frankly she should have done it ages ago because she’s bloody brilliant.  Here she recounts, very amusingly, a classic dilemma that anyone with two children or even better twins should read. Don’t forget if [...]

Back in the saddle: Guest post from Marketing to Milk

*This week’s guest post is from Henrietta from the honest & funny blog (can you tell the type of blogs I like??) Marketing to Milk. After being a stay at home mum for the past couple of years Henrietta’s taken the plunge and has gone back to work on a short term contract. Here she writes about the experience [...]

An interview with a school boy: Guest post from Diminishing Lucy

This week’s guest post is from the brilliant and very funny Diminishing Lucy who lives in Adelaide, Australia and blogs about her family and her weight loss journey (with some bloody useful tips on the way I can tell you).  I LOVE the fact that I have a ‘friendship’ with an Australian blogger – feels [...]

Just the Two of Us: Guest post from ScribblingMum

Hello, this week’s guest post is from Caroline at ScribblingMum, she is a ‘proper’ writer (not pretending like me) visit her blog because she writes beautifully and evocatively.  The post today is something very close to my heart since Eliza started pre-school.  Read it and please do comment if you enjoy it.  Am I on? [...]