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How to manage guilt

Stylist magazine I read an article in Stylist magazine this morning, a quality freebie that was thrust into my freezing hands this morning as I exited the tube station. It caught my eye with the cover declaring ‘Feeling Guilty?’ Yes, actually.  Permanently, all the time, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days [...]

I have this friend called Jonathan

He is tall and very funny. And that’s where the Charlie and Lola homage ends because I do not watch enough of it to do it justice, if on the other hand I were to do an homage to Fireman Sam I would be unstoppable and in fact Hit Entertainment might just commission me to [...]

Built On Guilt

We bloggers are very protective about the places where we store our thoughts (albeit voyeuristically) so when we are afforded the privilege of posting on someone else’s blog, regardless of how it’s happened (I did not beg or hack, Brownies honour) then we have to either try to impress or just carry on regardless. I [...]