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Easter Break


The past couple of weeks my life has been a Boden catalogue. Bar the odd work email, it has been entirely about the Family. Of course that comes with many non-Boden catalogue type of things, such as spousal arguments, losing it with kids who mess about at bedtime and the large quantities of red wine [...]

The Return

A souk stall

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few days away in Marrakech for a ‘meet in the middle’ with my friend Jonathan who lives in Singapore (I’ve written about our escapades before and indeed he has too), I arrived back late last night. It was everything it was intended to be; lots of laughter, lots [...]

Coming Home

A few things happened over the last few days. 1. I went on my much longed for ‘meet in the middle’ break with my best friend Jonathan.  We went to Dubai for 3 days (he lives in Singapore), it was approximately 5000 degrees in the shade and walking to the pool was so tiring I [...]

Summer holidays

This year we are going to France. This is the first time the girls’ will have been out of the UK in their short lives, which reminds me I must get them passports, I’m bound to forget. Until now I’ve not felt brave enough which is pathetic really.  I know people who have been taking [...]

Post holiday not-so-blues

So the BEST thing about going on a cheeky break with your GBF away from your little angels, apart from the copious champagne quaffing, sunbathing, standing in a warm bath AKA the sea, chatting and calling it swimming and sleeping, alot, is this: “Mummeeeeeeee!  Mummy’s home.  Look Tilly, Mummy’s here!!!!” then being swiftly knocked over [...]

The X Factor 15

Hello, this is Jonathan Sanchez. This blog post is coming from me, live from Dubai; I’ve sort of commandered this WONDERFUL blog by my wonderful best friend to hold a mirror up to her face (not to check she’s beathing, although she is one deep sleeper) but more to reflect to her how much she [...]

Family fun and dummy dilemmas

“Have you been on a quad bike before?” said the rather glamorous looking female ‘trek leader’. “Er, no, definitely not, never.” (and never thought I would frankly). “Fine, the only danger is if you take your foot off the footwell and you might get it run over by the rear tyre, or trapped between the [...]

Holiday snaps or Motherhood: another late gallery entry

Back from our wonderful, far-too-quick holiday, in which I remembered why I love being a mother (and okay a wife too).  I saw the joy and wonder as my toddler learnt new things, saw new things said new things and I saw innocent excitement as my beautiful baby started to crawl (well sort of) and [...]

Great British Holiday: part 1

Crabbing, shell seeking, burying Daddy.  Where else but on a Great British holiday can you do all those things in a day (ok a couple of days)?  We had glorious weather today, but actually it doesn’t matter either way.   I would share the pictures, but I think I’m rather lucky to have worked out [...]

Clouds of doom

If you read my manifesto post recently you would have seen this: 7. Incentive grants for UK holidays to reduce carbon emissions and air traffic (that’s quite cool actually, could be onto a winner there). Clearly I was proud of that one.  Actually I just have a massive FEAR of TWC (Travelling With Children for [...]