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Where am I?

I have watched innumerable films where the heroine is knocked out and wakes up in some strange room saying “Where am I?”.  It just all looks a bit staged and, well, unbelievable really.  But yesterday I realised that there’s a very good reason for saying that.  Because when you collapse somewhere, you come to and [...]

A dose of Mum Flu

Today I have taken a breather.  My husband has been at home and I have been hibernating trying to thrash out this mum flu that has finally felled me.  Today I am not a mummy, I am a child who wants looking after. As a mother I don’t get the ‘opportunity’ to be ill very [...]

My working mother rant

I love working, I love my job and I love my colleagues.  Right, now anyone who I work with that’s all you need to know. For everyone else – here’s the truth… Working is definitely good for my mind and my soul.  It gives me validation beyond that of being a wife, a mother, chief cook and [...]