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Just Listen to Yourself

Him indoors and I went out the other night.  It was the school quiz night, which was actually very good fun.  It being in a school meant we were all sitting around rather low tables on grown up size chairs which when combined with free flowing wine and much knee jerking and air punching caused [...]

A Note to Myself About the Good Times

It occurred to me today, when the girls were running a race to the tree swing on a walk we sometimes do nearby, that the ages they are now feels like the most fulfilling so far.  They are still very little, only 3 and almost 5 (in two weeks), but they are just such a [...]


I’ve had a few days at home this week whilst I have been settling in a new childcarer. It’s been challenging in parts (isn’t it always when you must learn to trust someone new to look after the most precious things in the world), but it’s been wonderful to spend more time with my girls. [...]

Two Special Books

There are two little books that give me a great deal of pleasure. They aren’t expensive or clever or literary. In fact at least one of them is falling apart and the spine is broken. The other is ring bound and the paper is hanging within it precariously. One has an owl sticker on it [...]


One of the most endearing things about my girls is witnessing Tilly’s realisation that she has a big sister, and watching Eliza’s realisation that she is a big sister, and therefore terribly important.  Part of this process involves Tilly copying pretty much everything her bigger, and wiser sister does. And says. And sings. So this [...]

Cuddles and Closeness

                               NIVEA marks its 100th birthday by celebrating closeness in 21st century Britain. I liked the idea of this because since having my girls it’s all about cuddles in our house. Any excuse I can find for a cuddle with my children [...]

Things I will never hear

From Eliza 1. Mummy I’d really like to go to bed now with only one story that I won’t ask questions about the whole way through 2. Mummy please may I brush my teeth and have a wee before bed? 3. Mummy it’s so annoying when you come and sleep on my floor at night, [...]