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A Guide to Staying Sane whilst Potty Training

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity (hi Dad) will know that potty training Tilly has been a rather long drawn out process.  So it is with some considerable joy that I can tell you we are finally there.  This house has been dry for 14 days. I’m standing up, you may clap at [...]


There seems to be a switch that flicks on in children around about 2 and a half (Tilly’s age) when they realise that they do not, in fact, have to do everything their big sister tells them. (They realise they most definitely don’t have to do anything their mum tells them either, but that’s another [...]

Blog Idol: part 2

When I first started this blog I wrote a post called ‘Time for Blog Idol?‘.  The basic premise being competitive blogging, league tables, how-to-beat-yourself-up-and-feel-shit, soul searching and ultimately a great big fat “Read me please!!!” sort of vibe to it. Interesting. As it turns out this type of thing is cyclical in the parent blogging [...]

I just don’t really know anymore

I don’t really know if I’m managing to ‘do it all’, and you know what if anyone from work is reading this then please respect my personal space, because that’s what this blog is.  It’s public but it’s mine and it’s my space to write what I want. I don’t really know if I can [...]

Run Mummy Run!

An email arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago, from Cancer Research UK.  Asking me to take part in a 10 k run.  Clearly it arrived at time when I could not be held responsible for my actions since I clicked through, was brought to tears by some of the stories of why people [...]

Holiday snaps or Motherhood: another late gallery entry

Back from our wonderful, far-too-quick holiday, in which I remembered why I love being a mother (and okay a wife too).  I saw the joy and wonder as my toddler learnt new things, saw new things said new things and I saw innocent excitement as my beautiful baby started to crawl (well sort of) and [...]