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Commenting and present giving

First of all I have to say having read Northmummy’s post this morning I had an attack of Comment Guilt. Not content with all the other guilt in my life (working mum guilt, rubbish wife guilt, crap daughter guilt, lousy sister guilt, absent friend guilt) I now have Coment Guilt to add. You see I [...]

Sunday Share: ChocOrangeCityMum

Ok so here’s the thing.  There are many millions of ‘memes’ and I can’t keep up with all the lovely sharing that goes on.  So I had intended today to try and tell you about a few blogs that I like. But the thing is there are many of them and the list changes regularly. [...]

Positive thinking

Now that both my children have given up their dummies I clearly think I am supermum if not in fact superhuman. The fact that it was basically my husband that made me do it is beside the point. I am taking credit. So now that I think I have some ability at being a parent [...]

One year on..

So it was actually a few days ago but I missed it in my oh so busy life. I have had this blog for a year. A whole bloody year. So drum roll please some of my blog related highlights have been: Getting my pretty makeover, my girls immortalised in illustration. Lovely. Feeling inspired to [...]

Eliza’s Banana Bread

I took Eliza to nursery this morning on the toboggan that my Dad brought round (my Dad doesn’t let a bit of snow stop him) but they closed early because only four children were there. I have been at home today and yesterday because the trains out of here are sketchy and I live in [...]

Red mist

I think this is what Tilly sees when I leave her room. She cries like she knows the world is actually going to be hit by a meteorite the size of the sun and no one will take her seriously. She is angry. And cross. And frustrated. I never have been one for controlled crying. [...]